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Name Organization Office Project Link  
National Atmospheric Deposition Network (NADP)
Measuring weekly (National Trends Network) and event-based (AIRMoN) precipitation chemistry  
wet deposition of sulfate, nitrate, hydrogen ion, and other cations  
David Gay ISWS-NTN 217-244-0462
Water and Atmospheric Resources Monitoring Program (WARM)
observing meteorology, databases of IL climate data, monthly summaries and databases of IL climate  
data from 20 stations, flow and sediment load information for 26 IL gauging stations,  
Jennie Atkins ISWS 217-333-4966
Aerosol Monitoring - Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL)
measuring baseline aerosol optical properties, to determine average conditions and trends,  
also to enables calculation of direct aerosol climate forcing.  
John Ogren NOAA 303-497-6210
Surface Radiation Budget Network (SURFRAD)
Continuous, long-term measurements of the surface radiation budget over the United States. Up and down  
direct and diffuse solar, photosynthetically active radiation, UVB, spectral solar, and meteorology.  
John Augustine NOAA 303-497-6415
Gary Hodges NOAA 303-497-6460
Chris Cornwall NOAA 303-497-7316
UV-B Monitoring and Research Program
Geographical distribution and temporal trends of UVB (ultraviolet -B) radiation in the United States.  
measuring UV, UV-B, and photosynthetically active radiation.  
James Slusser USDA @ CSU 970-491-3623
George Janson USDA 970-491-3621
Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring Network (AIRMoN-Dry)
detection of atmospheric concentration and deposition consequences of emission reductions  
measuring filter-based particulate components, nitric acid and sulfur dioxide  
Tilden Meyers NOAA-ARL 865-576-1245
Lynne Satterfield NOAA-ARL 865-576-3458
Mark Hall NOAA-ARL 865-576-1233
Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET)
long-term measurements of sky radiance to estimate aerosol phase function, size distribution and aerosol  
optical thickness.  
Brent Holben, CIMEL NASA 301-614-6658
Wayne Newcomb, CIMEL NASA 301-614-6634
Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET), EPA
long-term measurements of atmospheric gases and aerosols for dry deposition calculations  
measures filter-based major ions, trace metals and carbon, and meteorology  
Kemp Howell MACTEC 352-332-5770
Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments (IMPROVE)
long term monitoring program to establish the current visibility conditions, track changes in visibility and  
determine causal mechanism for the visibility impairment in the National Parks and Wilderness Areas.  
measures bi-weekly filter-based particulate chemistry, optical adsorption, multiple elements, etc.  
Jose Mojica CIRA 530-752-9044
Joe Xie CIRA 530-752-4186
State of Illinois- Rural Particulate Monitoring
Federal Reference Method 6-day PM2.5 monitoring  
Rob Kaleel IL EPA 217-524-4387
Semi-Continuous Monitoring of Gases and Particulates (GPIC)  
semi-continuous monitoring of particulate nitrates, sulfates, ammonium, etc., and gaseous sulfur dioxide,  
nitric acid, and ammonia, etc.  
Mike Caughey ISWS 217-333-1611

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