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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Since 1982, the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS), along with the other Illinois Scientific Surveys, has led the State of Illinois in implementing GIS technology for its public agencies. During this time, computer hardware and software performance has increased dramatically, while costs have decreased. Advanced GIS capabilities, which previously required expensive workstations, are now available to GIS professionals on their desktop PCs.

The mission of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Illinois State Water Survey is to promote and facilitate the use of GIS technology in water and atmospheric resources research; provide accurate, timely and accessible geographic information to researchers, decision-makers, and Illinois citizens; and develop innovative applications to expand the field of GIS-assisted research.

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GIS Products

Internet Map Services
Web-based GIS applications for your browser or ArcGIS.
Poster Maps
Poster-sized maps available in hard copy or PDF.

Current Projects

Enterprise GIS at the ISWS
How the ISWS has transformed its internal GIS technologies.
FEMA Map Modernization Program
Home of the ISWS effort to modernize FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Maps in Illinois.
A plug-in package for pattern recognition in raster data, such as groundwater recharge and discharge patterns.


Animation Gallery
Visualizations created by ISWS GIS staff.
Interactive Hydrology Cycle
A clickable visualization of the water cycle.

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