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Climate Atlas of Illinois

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More data and information are available about the climate of Illinois than any other area in the world. The Climate Atlas of Illinois focuses on climate conditions over the past 100+ years of high-quality, extensive climate data collection by the National Weather Service and by the Illinois State Water Survey through numerous extensive, unique field measurements since 1947.

Climate is critical to Illinois' economy, environmental conditions, and human health. Illinois has a continental location far from any oceans and has wide extremes of temperature, precipitation, and storms, and these extremes occur over days, weeks, months, and years.

With ten chapters that include nearly 300 maps and graphs, and more than 80 photographs; in addition to an extensive bibliography, a glossary, and appendices with climatological data for 11 locations, Climate Atlas of Illinois will serve a diverse audience. The general public will find answers about all aspects of climate, including records of where in Illinois it is warmest and wettest, and how much snow their hometown annually receives. Others who will find the atlas useful are scientists and students interested in assessing the climate and its effects on people, places, the environment, and economic activities. Those involved in design/planning of weather-sensitive towers and buildings, crops, and activities also will find the atlas to be a valuable resource. Individual chapters address what controls our climate and historical climate periods; temperatures and precipitation, including snowfall; the statewide energy budget and wind conditions; special climate conditions caused by Lake Michigan, the southern hills, large cities, and human activities; atmospheric quality, including acid rain; climate extremes, such as droughts, cold winters, and various kinds of storms; outstanding weather and climate events of the 20th Century; weather conditions and air masses; and climate issues, such as global warming.

The Climate Atlas of Illinois is now available for purchase from the Illinois State Water Survey. The cost is $20, plus $7 for shipping and handling. No shipping or handling will be charged to copies purchased and picked up at the Water Survey.

To order by phone, you may call (217) 333-8888 and use a credit card. You may also mail a payment by Check, Money Order, or Cashier's Check to:

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For more information on purchasing Climate Atlas of Illinois, email the Water Survey at:

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