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Heartland Community College in Normal, IL sponsored four days of hands-on experiences which introduced students to the necessity and importance of both mathematics and science in their everyday worlds. Staff from ISWS attended all four days of the events and shared their use of both mathematics and science in their professions.


During the Hands on Science field trip students were introduced to the concept of fluids that do not have the same properties as water. Each student was provided with the ingredients for making slime and, in the process, learned about non-Neutonian fluids.

Teacher/bed of nails

The fun of learning was emphasized with physics demonstrations as the grand finale each day. Concluding Hands-On-Math day students observed the law of conservation of energy when teachers volunteered to face the bowling ball pendulum. The concluding exhibit during Hands-On-Science days used volunteers and a bed-of-nails to demonstrate the principal of weight distribution. The faculty and staff of Heartland and the volunteers shared with the students their love of learning and use of these academic skills.

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