Water Conference Highlights, Illinois State Water Survey

Water Conference Highlights

Illinois Water Supplies: Is the Well Running Dry? 2000 Highlights

Paul Simon and Lt. Governor C. Wood speak

Lt. Governor Corinne Wood
Lt. Governor Corinne Wood

More than 140 attendees at "Illinois Water Supplies: Is the Well Running Dry?" in Chicago gained new insights into issues that will face Illinois as the population and economy expand in upcoming decades, and perhaps the climate changes. The July 18-20 conference organized by the Water Survey and the University of Illinois Division of Conferences and Institutes focused on water supply and demand issues that Illinois will need to address: projected water supply and demand, water quality issues, legal and management issues, and socioeconomic concerns.

Retired Senator Paul Simon
Retired Senator Paul Simon

Invited speakers included state and national experts in the field of water resources planning. Lt. Governor Corinne Wood, who also serves as Chair of the Illinois River Coordinating Council, presented opening remarks. Former U.S. Senator Paul Simon, now a professor at Southern Illinois University (SIU) and Director of the SIU Public Policy Institute, was the keynote speaker. Professor Simon highlighted global concerns over clean, abundant water supplies and the potential for conflict as water demands exceed supplies in some parts of the globe and in selected U.S. areas.

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