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Advanced Publications Search Help

Term searching


There is no wildcard operator. Terms typed in any field will be searched as a stem.

   The term meteorolog in the title field will return both hydrometeorology and meteorologic.
   The term Chan in the author field will search for Chang or Changnon.


Searches are not case sensitive

   The search Water Resources will also return documents containing water resources.

Exact Phrase

Checking the "exact phrase" box to the right of either the title or author text boxes will result in a literal search. All terms entered will be searched for as a single phrase.

   Clicking the "exact phrase" box:      Title exact phrase

With the "exact phrase" box checked to the right of the Title field, a literal search for "Water Resources" will be performed, instead of a combined field search containing the separate terms water AND resources. (Also see: Combined Field Searching, below)

Drop-down lists

You may choose a topic from the drop-down lists for feature, subject, or county, or a combination thereof. Choosing from these fields limits your search to the chosen criteria.


To limit your search to a period of time, enter the years into the To and From boxes. The default years are from 1897 to 2017.

Publication Type

You may also restrict your search to publication types. Choose the type from the Type dropdown.

Full Text Publications

Selecting the "Full Text Publications Only" checkbox will limit your search to publications having a full text PDF file available online. There are currently 1330 online publications available full text.

Publications with Abstracts

Selecting the "Publications with Abstracts Only" checkbox will limit your search to publications with an abstract available online. There are currently 586 publications available online with an abstract.


To narrow your search, combine a term in one field with a term in a different field. If you enter criteria in too many fields, no documents will be returned.

To broaden your search, use fewer search criteria. To return all publications, enter no search criteria.

Combined Searching

Combined Field Searching

If you type a term in one or more search boxes it will automatically combine these terms with the AND operator:

   Author Field: jones    Title Field: radar                            Searches for Jones as an author and radar in the title.

You may perform a combined field search using as many fields as you like. Entering criteria in too many fields will result in no documents being returned.

Combined Term Searching

You can type multiple terms in one search box which will cause the search to automatically combine these terms with the AND operator.

   Title Field: radar atmosph               Searches for radar OR words containing the term atmosph in the title.

Advanced Search

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