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Projects and other information associated with lake studies in Illinois and elsewhere.

Predictability of nutrient loads delivered to Lake Michigan based on large storm events

The effects of multiple stressors on Great Lakes habitats are a growing concern. Nutrient loadings delivered to Lake Michigan are linked to increased risk of eutrophication, algal bloom, hypoxia, or changes in species composition. The overall goal of this project is to increase our understanding of climate-watershed-stream-lake interactions, in particular to enable assessments of variable climate and anthropogenic impacts on Lake Michigan nutrient inputs. Specific goals of this research are to: (1) characterize relationships between annual nutrient loadings on Lake Michigan tributaries and large precipitation events; (2) propose effective monitoring plans focusing on large precipitation events; and (3) assess potential future changes in nutrient loadings based on climate change and urbanization scenarios. ...

Safe yield analysis and bathymetric survey of Lake Taylorville

Phase I TMDL development for Canton Lake, Vermont City Reservoir, and Sugar Creek

Some Lake Studies Projects

A more detailed description of current project information is linked to each of the pictures below. Please click on one to find more about the project.

Predictability of nutrient loads delivered to Lake Michigan based on large storm events

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