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Water Law

The law regarding use and control of water in Illinois is expressed in many different statutes, regulations and court cases. The primary laws are listed below. Please remember that the language of the laws must be understood within the context of judicial and administrative interpretations, only some of which are included here. Federal laws, such as the Clean Water Act (CWA), also affect the use of water in Illinois.

State Law/Regulation

Rivers, Lakes, & Streams Act

Water Authorities Act

Water Use Act of 1983

Level of Lake Michigan Act

Court Cases/Interpretation
The Regulated Riparian Model Water Code
Proposed state level legislation for allocating water rights among competing interests developed by the Amercian Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Available for purchase through ASCE for $35.00 (non-members).

U.S. Supreme Court Decree (1967) (pdf ~25kb)

U.S. Supreme Court Amendment (1980) (pdf ~27kb)

Survey of Eastern Water Law (pdf ~300kb)

Assessment of Illinois Water Quantity Law (pdf ~1.4mb)

Illinois Groundwater Law - The Rule of Reasonable Use (pdf ~140kb)

Water Rights and Allocations for Sound Resource Management (AWWA) (pdf ~25kb)

Federal Law/Regulation

Clean Water Act

Illinois State Water Survey

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