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Regional water supply planning in Central Illinois has focused on the Mahomet aquifer system and the Sangamon River watershed. The planning effort includes the following fifteen counties (map): Cass; Champaign; Dewitt; Ford; Iroquois; Logan; Macon; Mason; McLean; Menard; Piatt; Sangamon; Tazewell; Vermilion and Woodford. A Regional Water Supply Planning Committee has been formed that includes the following stakeholders: Agriculture; County Government; Electric Generating Utilities; Environment; Industries; Municipal Government; the Public; Rural Water Districts; Small Business; Soil and Water Conservation; Water Authorities; and Water Utilities. The planning effort has been facilitated by the East Central Illinois Regional Water Supply Planning Committee.

Primary Publications

A Plan to Improve the Planning and Management of Water Supplies in East-Central Illinois (Report of the Regional Planning Committee, June 2009) (pdf ~1.8mb) -- East-Central Illinois is not facing an immediate water crisis, but the East-Central Illinois Water Supply Planning Committee (the Committee) is driven by a desire to avoid crises that sometimes plague other states and countries. The Committee believes strongly that stakeholders in the region can shape the future, rather than allowing runaway events to take control and crises to occur. A regional plan - a framework for action and a series of action items - provides a means to shape the future. [There is also an Executive Summary version of the report]
Meeting East-Central Illinois Water Needs to 2050: Potential Impacts on the Mahomet Aquifer and Surface Reservoirs (Illinois State Water Survey, Illinois State Geological Survey) (pdf ~3.4mb) -- The availability and sustainability of an adequate and dependable water supply is essential for our public, environmental, and economic health. In this study we examined the impact of current and future water demands on streams and aquifers in east-central Illinois through the use of computer-based models. Analytical and deterministic models were used to examine the four large surface water supply reservoirs. Future water supplies and demands out to the year 2050 were evaluated under three scenarios: baseline growth, more resource intensive, and less resource intensive scenarios.
Water Demand Scenarios for the East-Central Illinois Planning Region: 2005-2050 (Wittman Hydro Planning Associates, October 2008) (pdf ~7.4mb) -- In January 2006, Governor Rod Blagojevich signed Executive Order 2006-01 calling for a comprehensive program of state and regional water-supply planning in the State of Illinois. The order charges the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) with the responsibility of developing financial and technical support for two regional water supply planning committees in their development of water-supply plans for two priority regions in the state. This report describes the water-demand study that estimates current and future withdrawals for the East-Central Illinois Region.

Additional Publications and Information

Climate Change in Illinois and Water For Ethanol Plants (pdf ~1.7mb) -- Presented to the Champaign Rotary Club by Chief Derek Winstanley on October 17, 2007.

Water Implications of Biofuel Production in the U.S. (pdf ~0.5mb) The National Academies Report in Brief Newsletter, October 2007.

Water Implications of Biofuels Production in the U.S. The full text of a National Research Council report regarding the potential impact of increased use of biofuels on water supplies.

Building An Ethanol Plant - Guidelines (pdf ~1.1mb)

Illinois American Water Company

Water Quality: East Central Illinois

Archived Material and Presentations

Water Supply & Demand in East-Central Illinois: Planning for the Future.

Annual MAC Progress Report 2007 (pdf ~30kb)

Engineers Report to National Petro-Chemical Corp.- Wells 1 & 2 (pdf ~6.6mb)

Water Demand Scenarios

Climate Change & Drought Scenarios for Water Supply Planning (pdf ~27kb)

Methodology: Water Demand Scenarios to 2050 (pdf ~1.6mb) -- Presented by Theresa Landewe, Wittman Hydro Planning Associates, at the June 29, 2007 meeting of the East Central Illinois Regional Water Supply Planning Committee, Decatur, IL

Water Demand Study to 2050 (pdf ~1.3mb) Presented by Susan Licher, Wittman Hydro Planning Associates, at East Central Illinois subregional public outreach meetings in Rantoul (8/20/07), Tremont (8/21/07), Havana (8/22/07) and Clinton (8/23/07).

Water Demand Meeting: Champaign, Ford, Iroquois & Vermilion Counties (pdf ~80kb) A summary of the public outreach water supply planning meeting held in Rantoul on August 20, 2007

Water Demand Meeting: McLean, Tazewell and Woodford Counties (pdf ~80kb) A summary of the public outreach water supply planning meeting held in Tremont on August 21, 2007

Water Demand Meeting: Cass, Mason, Menard & Sangamon Counties (pdf ~80kb) A summary of the public outreach water supply planning meeting held in Havana on August 22, 2007

Water Demand Meeting: DeWitt, Logan, Macon and Piatt Counties (pdf ~80kb) A summary of the public outreach water supply planning meeting held in Clinton on August 23, 2007

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