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Water Demand

A myriad of uses exist for water in Illinois such as drinking, cooking, cleaning, industry, irrigation, power generation, waste treatment, recreation and even transportation. In addition there is a need to support aquatic habitats and wildlife. Included here is information such as how much water is used in Illinois, who uses the water, a rough geographic distribution of that use, potential future demands from a growing population and economy, and where that demand may occur.

Water Demand Scenarios

Future Water Demands and Coal Development Potential in Kaskaskia River Basin in Illinois, Revised Final Technical Report DEV 08-1 (pdf ~4.1mb) -- Prepared for the Illinois Clean Coal Institute, by Ben Dziegielewski and Terri Thomas, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, dated 08/02/2011.

Water Demand Scenarios for the East-Central Illinois Planning Region: 2005-2050, Project Completion Report (pdf ~7.4mb) -- Complete report by Wittman Hydro Planning Associates, dated August 29, 2008, revised Oct 20, 2008.

-To view chapters individually, see the East Central Illinois Regional Water Supply Planning Committee’s website

Water Demand Scenarios for Northeastern Illinois: 2005-2050, Final Report (pdf ~1.1mb)

County-Level Forecasts of Water Use in Illinois: 2005-2025 (pdf ~8.3mb)

An Analysis of Groundwater Use to Aquifer Potential Yield in Illinois (pdf ~4.8mb)

Water Demand Scenarios for Northeastern Illinois: Progress Report #1 (pdf ~250kb) -- Presented by Ben Dziegielewski, Southern Illinois University, at the Northeastern Illinois Regional Water Supply Planning Group meeting at the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning in Chicago on June 26, 2007.


Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Water Availability (pdf ~800kb)

Water Supply Planning and Management: Climate Variability and Change (pdf ~1.5mb) -- Presented by Derek Winstanley, Chief, Illinois State Water Survey, on June 29, 2007 at a meeting of the East Central Illinois Regional Water Supply Planning Committee in Decatur, Illinois.

Surface Water

Other Surface Water Sources - Analysis (pdf ~33kb) Numbers from this analysis were used in the ISWS's Draft Northeastern Illinois Water Demand Impact Analysis Report, Section 2.2.1. Historic Withdrawals, Scenario Demands.


Consumptive Use

Measuring and Estimating Consumptive Use of Great Lakes Water (pdf ~1.1mb) This 2003 publication of the Great Lakes Commission discusses the current state of knowledge about consumptive uses and the often limited scientific or other validation for use coefficients.

Consumptive Water Use in the Great Lakes Basin, USGS, 2008 (pdf ~2.1mb)

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