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Illinois Climate: Office of the State Climatologist  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Angel, James, 2008 ISWS IEM 2008-02 
Changes in Shallow Groundwater Quality in the Chicago Region in the Past 50 Years.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
2008 ISWS IEM 2008-01 
Severe Storms in the Midwest.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Changnon, Stanley A. and Kenneth E. Kunkel, 2006 ISWS IEM 2006-06 
Evaluation of the Potential for Photovoltaic Power Generation in Illinois.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Rockett, Angus, Robert W. Scott., 2006 ISWS IEM 2006-05 
Prioritizing Illinois Aquifers and Watersheds for Water Supply Planning.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Wehrmann, H. Allen and H. Vernon Knapp., 2006 ISWS IEM 2006-04 
The 2005 Illinois Drought.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kunkel, Kenneth E (editor), James R. Angel, Stanley A. Changnon, Roger Claybrooke, Steven D. Hilberg, H. Vernon Knapp, Robert S. Larson, Michael Palecki, Robert W. Scott, Derek Winstanley., 2006 ISWS IEM 2006-03 
The Water Cycle and Water Budgets in Illinois: A Framework for Drought and Water-supply Planning.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Winstanley, Derek, James R. Angel, Stanley A. Changnon, H. Vernon Knapp, Kenneth E. Kunkel, Michael A. Palecki, Robert W. Scott, H. Allen Wehrmann., 2006 ISWS IEM 2006-02 
Monitoring Mercury Deposition: a Key to Understanding the Link between Emissions and Effects  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
2005 ISWS IEM 2005-03 
Arsenic in Groundwater in Central Illinois.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walt R., 2005 ISWS IEM 2005-02 
Shallow Groundwater Quality Sampling in Kane County, October 2003.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walt R., 2005 ISWS IEM 2005-01 
Climate Atlas of Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Changnon, Stanley A., James R. Angel, Kenneth E. Kunkel, and Christopher M. B. Lehmann, 2004 ISWS IEM 2004-02 
Insights to Key Questions About Climate Change  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Winstanley, Derek and Stanley A. Changnon, 2004 ISWS IEM 2004-01 
Illinois Rivers Decision Support System (ILRDSS)  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
2002 ISWS IEM 2002-02 
Illinois Climate: Office of the State Climatologist Brochure  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Angel, James R., 2008 ISWS IEM 2002-01 (revised) 
A Plan for Scientific Assessment of Water Supplies in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
2001 ISWS IEM 2001-03 
Science for Society : Illinois State Water Survey  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
2001 ISWS IEM 2001-02 
Midwestern Regional Climate Center  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
2001 ISWS IEM 2001-01 
Post Workshop Summary, The Sino-U.S. Joint Workshop on Sediment Transport and Sediment Induced Disasters, March 15-17, 1999, Beijing, China  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Soong, David Ta-Wei, ed., Ben Chie Yen, ed., 2000 ISWS IEM 2000-01 

Results 1-18 of 18

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