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Impact of Irrigation on the Dynamics of Nitrate Movement in a Shallow Sand Aquifer.  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Kelly, Walton R., and Chittaranjan Ray, 1999 ISWS RR-128 
Long-term Variations in Seasonal Weather Conditions and Their Impacts on Crop Production and Water Resources in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Changnon, Stanley A., and Derek Winstanley, 1999 ISWS RR-127 
Indicator Bacterial Quality in the Illinois River at Peoria, Illinois, 1976-1986  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Lin, Shundar, and Davis B. Beuscher, 1994 ISWS RR-126 NTIS#: PB95-144556
Hydrologic Modeling of Landscape Functions of Wetlands  Full Text Available
Demissie, Misganaw, Abiola A. Akanbi, and Abdul Khan, 1997 ISWS RR-125 
Peoria-Pekin Regional Ground-water Quality Assessment  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Burch, Stephen L., and Douglas J. Kelly, 1993 ISWS RR-124 NTIS#: PB94-165164
Meeting the Growing Demand for Water: an Evaluation of the Shallow Ground-water Resources in Will and Southern Cook Counties, Illinois  Full Text Available
Roadcap, George S., Stuart J. Cravens, and Edward C. Smith, 1993 ISWS RR-123 NTIS#: PB94-125820
Impacts of Commercial Navigation on Water Quality in the Illinois River Channel  Full Text Available
Butts, Thomas A., and Dana B. Shackleford, 1992 ISWS RR-122 
The 1988-1989 Drought in Illinois: Causes, Dimensions, and Impacts  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Lamb, Peter J., ed., 1992 ISWS RR-121 NTIS#: PB93-116846
Ground-water Investigation at Jake Wolf Fish Hatchery, Mason County, Illinois  Full Text Available
Visocky, Adrian P. and Mark E. Sievers, 1992 ISWS RR-120 
The New Chicago Model: a Reassessment of the Impacts of Lake Michigan Allocations on the Cambrian-Ordovician Aquifer System in Northeastern Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Burch, Stephen L., 1991 ISWS RR-119 NTIS#: PB92-140722
Irrigation Practices in Illinois  Abstract Available  Full Text Available
Bowman, Jean A., and Brian C. Kimpel, 1991 ISWS RR-118 NTIS#: PB92-121102
Waves Generated by Recreational Traffic on the Upper Mississippi River System  Full Text Available
Bhowmik, Nani G., Ta Wei Soong, Walter F. Reichelt, and Noha M. L. Seddik, 1991 ISWS RR-117 NTIS#: PB92-161868

Results 1-12 of 12

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