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General Information

If you don't choose a search area at the top of the search page, then all areas will be searched automatically. This provides the best chance of finding the publication that you are looking for by returning the greatest number of matching results. You may narrow the number of results returned by your search by choosing one type of search, such as a title search or author search. To choose a search type, check the box at the top of the search page by the type of search desired.

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You may choose your search type as any combination of areas, such as Title and Keywords.

Literal Search

To perform a literal search, enclose the words you are searching for in double quotes. The quotes must enclose the entire string you are searching for.

   The search "water use" will literally search all of the publications for the complete phrase water use whereas the query water use searches for either water or use. Searching without your terms in quotes will yield more results than a literal search.

Year Criteria

To limit your search to publications in certain years, alter the years as desired. Choosing a smaller range of years will result in fewer results being returned. Our selected online publications span from 1897 to 2017.


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